Brick Block and Stone Work

Brick block and stone work are commonly used for the walls of buildings, retaining walls and patios. Skilled masonry contractors can do much to enhance a property’s appearance, and may even increase its value.

Common materials used for masonry construction are brick, stone, marble, granite, limestone, cast stone, glass block, and tile. Whether you want stone patios, a fountain, a waterfall, steps and landings, gazebos, or an outdoor fireplace, our pavers go beyond just setting you up with some pretty flowers and mowing your lawn. You can finally have that Athena statue replica you always wanted near your newly planted garden.

Our masons are highly skilled, with a trained artistic eye, and amazing workmanship. They want you to feel you had a hand in the creation of your outdoor structures and brick block and stone work. They can also do work indoors, as can be seen in stone fireplaces and other installations.

If you’re looking for masonry contractors and pond contractors in Santa Rosa, CA, look no farther than Avilla Masonry.


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